Thursday, September 27, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 98

Some nights later Krampus slid out of his yard.  He was a swift shadow stopping only to make sure the gate was barred.  Silent as Santa but twice as grim he moved as a monster three times as slim. Down the street he moved in a flash preparing to give naughty kids the lash.  His bag was filled full with a big bundle of sticks. He would leave them on ill-mannered kid's door steps so their parents could give them a few licks. He festooned switches with candy and little toys to soften the blow. But the message was clear for any kid to know. A Christmasy warning to mend their way or the monster Krampus would make them pay.

Krampus was the strong arm to Santa's merry laugh, and the beast was content to be the pairs darker half.  He would give coal or whipping to the kids on the wrong list.  Sometime he could eat the ones that really made Santa pissed.  This night in early December Santa appointed to him.  Krampusnacht it was called, falling on the sixth when the lights grow dim.  Krampus prowled leaving switches at houses where the kids were bad. If he hasn't paid you a visit you really should be glad.

Krampus also delighted in mischief when his night was at hand, his gift for mayhem was really quit grand.  A few streets over Krampus came upon the Barries house that was without lights.  The only house on a well dress street looking a terrible sight. The old man was lazy even though his neighbors offered to help.  Krampus thought of beating him until he cried with a yelp.  A better idea pop into the monsters evil head.  He would Decorate the house himself and run up their electric bill until their wallet bled.   Krampus work was glorious and they even won a prize.  Mr. Barrie tried to argue with the electric company but they said he lies.

The monster was busy deep into the night, beating on bad kids windows to set them right.  He rounded up gangs of drunks to sing and wassail.  Krampus hired lone left out teens sending them to malls to assail.  They dressed like the monster looking for fun, grabbing pretty girls and then would run.  Krampus made sure Christmas included these punks, no one should be left out alone in a funk.

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