Thursday, September 13, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 87

The damage done and neighborhood in surmounting terror Krampus was still hungry and realized he had made some sort of error. Sure he has spread fear and reminded everyone of his presence, but his cupboards were bare except for some pheasants. The monster would need to stock up on meat; no restaurants would let Krampus in to eat.

With the chaos sewn Krampus would have to lay low spending time at the Capitol drive in picture show. For Krampus horror movies were a joy except he would have ate up the camping girls and boys.  He rooted for Freddy and thought elm streets parents were to blame.  For Leatherface and Pin Head it was the same.

A few weeks past until our monster again stalked the streets.  Krampus waited until the full moon to hunt his treats.  Each full moon had a name in days of yore and October's was for hunters said the lore.  High above birds flew south against the moon, but Krampus meat wasn't foul and he would have it soon.

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