Friday, September 14, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 88

All full Krampus slept deep counting reindeer instead of sheep.  October was a blur until his work well in hand. Krampus was relieved things were going as planned.  Then he took some moments to enjoy the fall knowing it was too early for Santa to call.  A sea of leave caught in the air, whipping and whirling dancing without care.  Lawns left with a patchwork of leaves others cleared piled to the eves.

Then there were the children prowling the streets all armed with bags of treats.  The kids confused Krampus all dressed like someone else, pirates or plumbers or even Celts. One night Krampus saw a little girl dressed like him, she had the horns and hoof but was much too slim. The beast ran away at the doppelgangers sight; imagine a little girl giving a monster such a fright.

But Krampus had more pressing matters at hand, a party to attend. he was a friend of the band.  The monster even dressed up in his little lederhosen, them far too tight.  The monster though a costume was needed for the night. Upon arriving he found his friends dressed as ghouls toting machetes and instruments cruel.  There were too many mummies and a skeleton with wired shut eyes and jaws.  Another had no face at all; it was the strangest bunch of monsters you ever saw. 

Krampus finally took a seat in the corner near his friend Ed.  He was dress in a straight jacket bolts holding down the top of his head.  He said Hi and passed the furry Krampus some wine, spiced and mulled, it suited Krampus just fine.  They all knew Krampus was a monster of Christmas thinking him weird. But one weirdo was nothing to be feared.

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