Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Krampus for Christmas Part 92

The heartfelt music soothed Krampus on lonely nights.  The monster didn't worry and felt everything would be alright.  Sometimes he felt he could even take a break his house had been decorated since veterans day for Pete's sake. Some late nights he prowled record shops disguised in a hat and giant coat.  Luckily the customers looked mostly the same and even smelled a little of goat.  He snapped up Christmas records from country to jazz.  He even bought “A Progressive Rock Christmas” with Greg Lake and Patrick Moraz.  From John Denver to the muppets his collection was very complete only a dedicated collector could ever compete.

Krampus enjoyed the Siberian metal Christmas and wished he could attend the show, but to that Fresh Aire Christmas flatly said no.  He was left lukewarm with saxophone Christmas by Kenny G.  The monster had no use for Bocelli.  The new sung Christmas records kept less than they missed.  A Vince Guaraldi Christmas really put the beast in a Christmas mood.  To such pleasant jazzy sounds the monster couldn't menace or brood.  Some Canadian had a song about a winters night, that Krampus felt really got the tidings right. 

Riding home the station played Christmas too, Oakridge Boys Christmas from 1982.  Listening to the music he basked in peace, but soon he would be down to business so he switched on number of the beast.

There was still more work and other holidays would intrude, interrupting Krampus's Christmas season really very rude.  Krampus had a bird on thanksgiving a flame broiled and nicely stuffed Tom; Eating it right there with the dog on the lawn.  Krampus wasn't too formal with the feast.  A ping pong table in the back yard was fine for the beast.

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