Tuesday, September 25, 2012

De Profundis: a newspaper clipping

My Fellow Gentlemen

I poor through books from within my study, still cowering in fear.  The wounds of my last encounter scab and fester though I fear to seek medical attention beyond the walls of my estate.  I have called for an internist but still await his arrival.  I hold to hope these wounds remain superficial but they appear malignant.

In long hours I devour strange books seeking insight to the events I have so oft written.  Most seem filled with ill conceived science and speak of odd energies, such as Orgone, the mind struggles to grasp.  I am needing a magi of my own to drive away these evils.   Or barring help, provide me a direction of study as much I read is fanciful drivel.   Thought I find words and and pictures which ring true.

One such element of true spoke of Crowley and a residence in far England deemed the Boleskine house.  It is humorous that for all these books I acquire it was an article in the times that provided this revelation.  It spoke of a cleansing of sorts derived from Abramelin the Mage.  I Know little of the work other than the name posted in the paper.   Noteworthy was another of Crowley's endeavors known as Thelema.

Friends I fear my only hope to address Yeats directly and cast my cards upon his table.  Then I shall pray he pities my soul.

Yours very truly
J.L. Reichl

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